End-to-End service group for specialty pharmacy

Medios Manufaktur GmbH is a company within the Medios Group, which covers the most important segments of the supply chain in the field of specialty pharmaceuticals: wholesale, GMP-compliant manufacturing, and value-added services for pharmacies.

Medios Manufaktur manufacturers individualized pharmaceuticals for patients on behalf of pharmacies. The production process satisfies the highest quality standards (GMP). The focus here is on oncological infusion solutions.

Medios AG, along with its subsidiaries Medios Pharma GmbH and Medios Manufaktur GmbH, has positioned itself in the specialty pharma segment as the go-to source for expertise and solutions. It brings together individual market players in a network of cooperating partners with the twofold goal of ensuring that patients have optimum access to pharmaceutical drugs and offering integrated solutions along the value-added chain to partners and customers.

Specialty pharmaceutical drugs are medications for patients with rare and/or chronic illnesses (for example, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and infectious diseases) that require lengthy and expensive treatment.