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Andrologisch-onkologisches Symposium 2018

7th Andrological-oncological symposium at Wannsee

June 07 and 08, 2019

Our andrologic-oncological symposium has established itself as an interdisciplinary workshop in the past years, giving room to the topic of “men’s health” across specialist disciplines. This year, with our seventh symposium, we want to attract your attention again, and enhance our approach. Apart from uro-oncological and andrological topics we want to talk about important issues such as New Media, a higher degree of social interconnectedness, the increasing “knowledgeability” of our patients through the internet and pending discussions of traditional taboo topics. To that end we were able to win numerous renowned referees.

Location: Schullandheim Blumenfisch
am Grossen Wannsee
Am Sandwerder 11, 14109 Berlin, Germany
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Expenses: 30,- Euro per person

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