Our expertise at your side.

Medios Manufaktur is a service provider for oncological supply. Cooperation and close coordination with our customers is indispensable for us. We want to serve you as an expert pharmaceutical partner in the medical supply of your patients.

Pharmaceutical Support

Our employees are happy to discuss any pharmaceutical/oncological questions, including side effect management or possible interactions.

Easy-to-use Infusions

We deliver completely filled and directly applicable infusion systems for simple and flawless use. Upon request, we will train doctors and medical staff on how to use our products correctly.

Comprehensive Documentation

We create detailed documentation of all manufacturing steps for seamless tracking of the source materials used and we archive all documentation for five years depending on the requirements of current regulaltion.

Support for Billing Questions

We will help you determine what the health insurers will contribute in terms of costs.

Consulting for Infusion Plans

Upon request, we can help you create infusion plans.